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Why choose Us.Because we have Experience.

Our team has worked for multinational operations as well as in family businesses, covering all key areas from R&D, through production, marketing, sales and services.

Our Mission.To Bridge Bright Ideas.

Get the brightest ideas into commercial world and make them viable businesses for the benefit of our environment.

OUR PHILOSOPHYMake business Fair and Just.

Treat all stakeholders equal and impartial as to build an enjoyable and fun money making enterprises.

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People that strive to make our Customers Happy.
Rafał Pierzchlewicz

Rafał Pierzchlewicz

MBA & MSc in Eng., he has 23 years of experience in Ford Motor Company, ING Insurance, and Nationale-Nederlanden Insurance with scope ranges from R&D, M&A, investment projects, manufacturing operations, to product management.
Mateusz Marcinkiewicz

Mateusz Marcinkiewicz

CFO, Investment Advisor no. 453
Master’s Degree in Finance and Banking, Portfolio Manager, Certified Investment Advisor and Securities Broker. He has over 7 years of experience in asset management as well as he has been successfully investing in startups.

Our non-executive team

Paweł Duduć

Adam Krynicki

Investing in projects and people whose ingenuity goes beyond current standards of thinking.


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